Individual Work
Where Are You From?_Stories

Where Are You From?_Stories by Pat Badani examines the connections between location and identity. In an increasingly interconnected world, migration and globalization have become emerging patterns that change the way individuals define “home”. These factors are studied through the conversations Badani initiated in her research project, where she visited six cities around the world. In each metropolis, she engaged passerby in discussions about their background and sense of home, while showcasing the content on a Live Share video.
After the end of her seven year project in 2009, Badani published an digital archive containing 55 first person
interview clips. A series of hypertext links led to different videos, where viewers had the option to “map” together stories of migration and belonging. Unlike other forms of electronic literature, this net art project used less text for storytelling, and focused on allowing users to draw conclusions by exploring and selecting the hypertext video links. Today, the project can no longer be accessed online due to the discontinuation of Flash, but external information and highlights of it can be found on Badani’s personal website.

Author of this entry: Anna Madden (Student at the University of New Hampshire. Entry was produced as part of course ENGL 693: Special Topics in Digital Literature with Dr. Melinda White in spring 2023).