Individual Work
Not Found

Christophe Bruchansky’s “Not Found” is a Google Map of London, annotated with words and images, describing the writer’s mundane excursion in search of a poster for his bedroom wall. Part of a series of similar works known collectively as Intrusive Connections, in this work the travails of the writer provide the pretext for meditating on the spectacular potential of the ordinary and the pedestrian potential of the spectacular. The writer’s search for an exceptional view leads him down London’s historic streets, through the Tate Modern and National Gallery, until he finally settles down for breakfast at a small café, only to find an unlikely surprise tucked between the pages of the morning paper. “Not Found” pokes gently at the paradoxical nature of life in the digital age, where unprecedented access and boredom often walk hand in hand, and gestures slyly towards the utopian potential tucked away in the everyday.



Thanks Davin for having taken the time to read my story and to describe it on this page, I like it! I just take the liberty to mention the page introducing the 'Not found' story on my website: It goes to the same Google maps link you posted anyway, but is more centralised and is easier for me to keep an eye on the number of readers. Thanks again for your time!