Individual Work
Blue Company

Blue Company was created by Rob Wittig. It was published on the Web in 2002. The production started by Rob informing the public to subscribe to a project where they would receive an email every day in the month of May 2002. The notion of this product was to write a fiction novel in a newly innovative way. Rob is telling a story about a young businessman named Berto who gets transferred to a new branch that happens to occur in the year 1368. As the story progresses, we learn more about Bertos journey through the Italian Alps, and his relationship to the mysterious woman he is addressing these emails to. Aside from the intriguing story, Rob strongly sticks to the email theme. Rob addresses each email to the reader and signs at the end with a fun nickname. The emails appear on a white background with various punctuations to help the story flow together. Rob also adds various sketches to connect the viewer to the story. Rob mentions the reader sparsely throughout the chain-of email to keep them feeling engaged and included. This fictional novel is different from other pieces of work due to how it is being read by the viewer and the layout being an email. I believe that the novel was written in such a way to show society that many of the current events that occurring in 2002 are similar to events that have happened in the past. Bringing e-mails to the late medieval era allows the author to make societal connections to these alternative dates.

Natalia Rivera was a student of Dr. White for a course in Electronic Literature taught at the University of New Hampshire, United States of America during the Spring term of 2023.