Individual Work
No Time Machine

"No Time Machine" by Daniel C. Howe and Aya Karpinska is a piece of "found poetry" that searches the web for strings of text that refer to "time." The "No Time Machine" then arranges these expressions into a poetic conversation, which it displays on a simple yellow background inside white cartoon-like word clouds with black text. The Nintendo soundtrack gives this work a video game-like feeling.

In the conversation the word clouds go back and forth, complaining about how they have no time to do practically anything with their lives because they are so busy. Every once and a while a positive phrase creeps in to disrupt the harried conversation on screen. The conversation develops in no particular order, and a new conversation is seen every time the reader views it. This keeps the reader interested because every view will be different, creating a poetic experience which incorporates found text and random poetry generation into a surprisingly meaningful piece.