Individual Work

Concretoons is a collection of ten interactive concrete poems that reimagine and reenact a series of XX century print poems by authors such as Ulises Carrión, Nicanor Parra, Jorge Luis Borges, Eduardo Milán, Octavio Paz, among others.
Moreno's work is both conceptual and satirical. In Concretoons, he takes 1970's and 1980's video games as the aesthetics to relocate poetic concepts and debates around poetic movements, or remix seminal texts in the Hispanic literary experimental tradition.
Concretoons includes "Flor difícil," "Laberinto borginano," "Cubilete Mallarmé," "Arkcarrión," "Noigandres vs Brossa," "Brossa vs Noigandres," "Nokianor Parra," "Beat box Siglo de Oro," "Mr. Potato Paz," and "Un valium por favor."
Each of Moreno's interactive poems take different forms. Most notably, however, is the presence of famous games like PacMan, Asteroids, Space Invaders, and Snake that literally turn his poems in a site of playful engagement. This aesthetic allows Moreno and the readers to re-build or erase individual words or whole poems, as well as navigate through them in an exploratory way. Through the different game dynamics, Moreno explores the poetic expressiveness of the video game to convey meaning beyond the words. At the same time, by reframing poems as games, the Mexican artist strips them of their weighty place in the Hispanic literary canon.