Individual Work

According to Chris Joseph, "Dadaventuras" "is an experiment in aleatory narrative, using comic book conventions to generate stories from eight distinct but overlapping perspectives." As the name suggests, "Dadaventuras" draws its inspiration from the inspired absurdity of its dadaist forbears.  Through its curious hybrid language (a mutant "spanglish"), its grotesque imagery, and its randomized programming, "Dadaventuras" exists at the intersection of literary, visual, and time-based art, making it a strong example of dada in our digital age.  Though the “comics” are assembled from a pool of 66 illustrations, the number of panels, the dimensions of each panel, how the images are cropped, focused, reversed, and inverted all suggest an infinite number of possible readings, complementing the aleatory nature of text. To enrich the piece’s absurd possibility, readers are also free to use one of eight classic texts, add their own text, or turn the text off completely and make up the story in their heads.