e-Lit Resource
I ♥ E-Poetry

I ♥ E-Poetry (or, I Love E-Poetry) is a website dedicated to short-form (500 words or fewer) scholarship on electronic literature.

Initiated as a solo-project by Leonardo Flores on December 19, 2011, I ♥ E-Poetry has published 500 concise blog entries on works of electronic poetry, culminating on May 2, 2013. In its initial run, this comprehensive site documents poetry by both established and emerging writers, with occasional forays into “unexpected e-poetry” like title sequences and virtuoso Twitter performances. While the language and presentation is accessible to the novice reader, the coherent typology and consistent critical vocabulary enables a deepening insight as one reads across multiple entries and follows with primary readings of the works they reference. The result is a resource that is committed to providing readings that are informed by “poetic, technological, and theoretical contexts” while seeking to “broaden the audience base for e-literature.” The project was 1st runner up in HASTAC's 2012 DH Awards.

In response to its initial success, site creator and author, Flores, has initiated a second-phase of the project. This phase includes oversight by an editorial advisory board and a team of collaborators, as well as an open call for contributors and broadening of the site's focus to include forms of electronic literature beyond e-poetry. In addition, I ♥ E-Poetry, building upon its initial collaboration with the ELMCIP Knowledgebase, is a participant in the broader Consortium on Electronic Literature (CELL).