Individual Work
Interlude - Dorothy and Sid

Interlude – Dorothy and Sid is a hypertext fiction short story written by Judy Malloy, which is a sequel to Malloy’s Dorothy Abrona McCrae, which was published in 2000. The story follows protagonist Dorothy Abrona McCrae and her boyfriend, Sid, who are two California-based artists. As the story progresses, Dorothy and Sid’s relationship becomes stronger, as memories of Dorothy’s life begin coming back to her. The reader gets the opportunity to experience Dorothy’s growth, both as a person and within her relationship with Sid. Interlude – Dorothy and Sid is told on a solid lavender background and does not contain any non-text-based visual images or audio. Instead, Malloy delivers the story’s message through descriptions in different text formats, such as through poetry verses and through journal-like text entries; these enable the reader to visualize the setting and interpret the story without needing additional context. The four text formats that are seen throughout the course of the story are blue non-hyperlinked HTML text, white non-hyperlinked HTML text, white hyperlinked text, and as variously colored text that are embedded onto white backgrounds and incorporated into the webpages as images. No matter which hyperlink the reader chooses on each page, the story is linear and will progress to the same next page.

This ELD entry was produced by Cameron Slide for Dr. Melinda White’s Digital Literature (ENGL 693: Special Topics) course during the Spring 2023 semester at the University of New Hampshire.