Tina Escaja

Tina Escaja is a writer and digital artist born in Zamora in 1965. She has a degree in Hispanic Philology from the University of Barcelona. She received her Ph.D. in Contemporary Spanish and Hispanic American Literature from the University of Pennsylvania. She is currently chair Professor of Hispanic Culture and Literature at the University of Vermont where she is director of the Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies program.

She has published several works of literary criticism on gender, technology and poetry in hispanic literature. In the Electronic Spanish poetry field, she has been considered a pioneer author with works such as VeloCity (Submerged), 2000; VeloCity (Detaching), 2002; One, big, free, 2007; Black in Sheep, 2011; Barcode 2007; Robopoem @ as (2016); Sea and Virus (2020); or Captcha poem (2021) among others. Her digital literature and her electronic work has been exhibited in international museums and galleries and explore hypertext and hypermedia, robotics, augmented reality and postdigital creation. Also Tina Escaja's works have appeared in numerous anthologies such as the third and fourth volumes of the Electronic Literature Collection with Velocity (2000) and Emblem/as (2017-2019), or the Ciberia: Library of Digital Literature in Spanish. Her digital work can be found under the pseudonym Alm @ PĂ©rez and have been translated into six languages.

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