Individual Work
My Summer Vacation

“My Summer Vacation” is an episodic piece that flows to a tragic ending. Alan Bigelow uses video and audio files in a Flash platform to dramatize the death of a young boy at a summer resort through a series of vignettes, each with its own narrator and perspective. A marquis of photos and videos scroll to the rhythm and sounds of crashing waves. The digital story uses five characters with a separate narrative to examine the event from different points of view. A whispering voice narrates, perhaps to represent the darkness of death and the last breath of the boy. The murmuring waves connect to the whispers with a low, continuous, distinct sound. Along with the voice, text accompanies what is being said. The banner flashes photos rapidly across the screen, allowing the reader to catch glimpses of seagulls, beaches, and people. By poising the mouse over a photo, readers can pause the image in order to view them. These photos are minimized to a sliver following the narrative. Upon viewing all the shorts, a final narrative emerges; “I need an angle for the story/you know the headlines, family survives tragedy of beach community in mourning/something so readers will see the simple truth/at any second our eyes close/the end of all we see and love.” The conclusion highlights the sad irony of what the title suggests.