Individual Work
How2sext (@Wikisext)

How2sext on Twitter was a creative bot who “educated” Twitter users on how to sext. @wikisext on Twitter was a bot created by the user Thricedotted. The bot consumed how to sext guides from WikiHow and was then asked to create its own sexts based on the formula it found in the guide. The bot Tweeted out a new sext every hour with a simple format of “Sext:” followed by what it produced. There were no other visuals included in the Tweets, it was just the plain text. The bot began producing Tweets in July 2014 and its last tweet was in August 2018. While it is no longer actively posting, all of the tweets are still up for viewing and interacting.

The bot produced a total of 27.4 thousand Tweets and has a current following of just over seven thousand people. The creator has revealed that the idea for the bot was born out of the idea to input a recipe into a bot and see what it produced. Then, if it was able to follow a step-by-step guide, it should be able to follow any guide that has a similar format. Thus, the sexting guide was born. There are many other creative bots on Twitter, and some are still running and posting. Unlike other electronic literature modalities, these pieces find the reader instead and become a part of the consumers Twitter feed.

This entry was produced in partnership with Dr. Melinda White’s course in digital literature at the University of New Hampshire spring 2023.