Individual Work

Yohanna Joseph Waliya’s Climatophosis, is a work of digital poetry posted in March 2020. This poem colorfully depicts the current state of the world in accordance with climate change. The author is a Nigerian poet that crafts their work in english and french. This particular poem, Climatophosis features both languages. The title of the piece, according to the authors notes is a combination of the words climate and metamorphosis.
The poem is in constant motion with the background as a moving world temperature map, and lines of text moving sharply through the screen. The text, written in french and english is written in red, white, orange and blue. These colors blend nicely with the the bright colors of the temperature map. In the center of the poem there is a glowing orb symbolizing the sun. The screen follows the text around the map, once the words move to the side of the screen more map appears. By dragging the mouse around the screen you can follow the text. The written text itself centers around who is to blame for climate change. The author takes the voice of the earth itself using first person speech when describing the plastic in the ocean and the mentality of the earth as if it has feelings of tiredness. The authors notes mention the lack of respect, humanity has for nature and this is reflected in the text.

This kinetic poem is a visual and interactive experience for the reader. Even without the text it is clear what the piece is about based on the visuals behind the words. And using the cursor the navigate the piece it offers choices to the reader. The decision to choose a temperature map as the backdrop for this piece is important. The text keeps moving around the world symbolizing all the discussion that goes on surrounding climate change whilst the temperatures of the earth remain the same. Waliya’s kinetic poem never starts or ends, it could play forever much like the climate change crisis. The screen adapts to where the text floats to much like how he earth has had to adapt to its mistreatment. It is particularly interesting that the author writes in French and English as well as from a omniscient voice and the voice of the earth itself. It gives the feeling of many different conversations going on at once. All on the same topis but unrelated directly. The theme of climate change is very prominent in this piece. It discusses the plastic in the ocean, and endangered animals. Is it humanity for not

You can access Climatophosis in your web browser. The poem plays automatically and does let the reader navigate the screen.This poem was very easy to access. I accessed it through “The New River” ( It includes a detailed description of the electronic literature as well as some notes about the author.

Author statement: 
Climatophosis is inspired by the current climatic change in the world. In fact, the title of the poem is coined from Climate and metamorphosis. It is all about who is to be blamed for the climate change? -It is the same humanity that refuses to respect the nature. On the other hand, nature is renewing itself because it is tired. It is a call for masses to respect nature and be freed from the consequences of climate change.