Individual Work
Cloud Poems

Cloud Poems by Ella Rosenblatt can be found here.

This is made available for all to enjoy and is easily accessible to anyone with a modern device.
At first glance, the site itself is segmented into two halves. On the right it contains a poem with stacking words that encourages the reader to read the poem line-by-line. Highlighting over specific words makes the easily unnoticeable white font into bolded black letters that become more easily distinguishable. The words are also overlapping which affects the clarity and forces the reader to take in every word thoroughly so as not to miss anything. On the other side, located near the center is yet another poem presented in a more traditional style that enhances the poem and adds yet another layer into the consumption of the material. This alongside the background of the page’s constantly shifting and moving pictures of clouds creates an immersive atmosphere that is meant to hone your eye into seeing what is there. Much as the name suggests, it mimics the experience of gazing into the sky and watching clouds roll by. The act of cloud gazing often takes much concentration to interpret a shape, but the constantly moving images makes it so that you are always distracted. This digital poem takes inspiration from the same idea and brings it out in the same way. Additionally, at the end of the poem with the stacking words it leads to a link in which you can click that leads you to a similar style page as the one previously. This is how the author expands their work and make it more interactive for the user. The biggest difference of this new page being that the background has become lighter which makes it even more difficult to read the words on the screen. This combines elements of the first page and makes it something more obscure for the user. Another thing to note is that placement of the text within this page becomes important seeing as how sometimes the two sides overlap one another at times that affects the clarity of the material. As we continue further and click on the final link we are met with yet another page with poems that has some differences to the previous two. It is here do we find evidence of various symbols becoming integrated with the poems. However, we can still ascertain as to what the author is trying to convey due to us filling in the gaps that allows us to understand the sentence. This leads back to the previous example of skygazing as the interpretation of this digital piece to be dependent on the person and the meanings behind anything will differ. In doing so, we can find similarities between the two activities.
I find it interesting to see on whether or not someone else’s interpretation matches my own. This leads to my own personal experience of the piece as I found the juxtaposition of the act of staring at the clouds in a sunny afternoon and being able to do the same in the comforts of my own home intriguing. It brought me back to a time in which I was happy and free, but also opened my eyes to the reality in which I am a slave to my screen so much that I have not gone out and seen the clouds rolling by in some time. Also, when reading I found myself often distracted by the constant moving images that I have found the experience to be chaotic at times. This feeling of not being in control and having someone guide me step by step makes me feel anxious as I never really understand what they are trying to say to me. Even so, I have not yet fully grasped the concepts of the words and feel as if they are more about the impression they give on the individual. One final note that I want to touch on is the introduction of the different symbols that really dictate how when I read something it is more important to focus on the overall picture instead of nitpicking small details. Seeing a picture amongst the clouds has the same idea and it is often when we try not to focus to much can we greater understand what is ahead of us.