Individual Work
With Those We Love Alive

With Those We Love Alive is a game written in English that Propentine made using Twine. There are no images in the game, but the background colors change depending on the part of the game. The game has a unique sound track that changes throughout the game, the music ranges from relaxing to ominous. The game also has a real-life interactive aspect as well: before the game starts there is a screen requesting you to, “have a pen or sharpie nearby, something that can write on skin.” This is because at certain times throughout the game the player is promoted to draw a sigil, a symbol that has magical powers, on their skin. This gives the player an opportunity to express themselves. Players who follow these instructions will have a unique, physical record of the game. Besides the real-life interactive part, the digital part of the game is played by clicking on two different hyperlinks: pink ones that advance the player to a new screen of text, and purple links that change words and phrases. The game starts by asking the player questions about themselves like their eye color, birth month, and element. The setting of the game is in a strange dark fantasy world with many bizarre rituals. You are an artificer, a person that builds things, for the Skull Empress, a giant insect-like creature. While you are living in the Skull Empress’s palace you can explore the palace grounds and the city around the palace. The palace grounds are a dark and mysterious place; there is effluvium, ichor, and bones are commonplace. To progress in the game the player has to click on the “Sleep” link. This gives the player a sense of how much time passes within the game. Throughout the game you are requested to build things for the Skull Empress. The purple links are important when building things and for choosing what lines of dialogue your character says, you can even change the appearance of the Skull Empress. With Those We Loved Alive is a game that allows players to alter the game by changing their character, their dialogue, and their artifacts. The amount of customization in a twine game makes this game unique. It also gives players an individual experience; it is unlikely that two players will customize their game the exact same as another player. Overall, With Those We Love Alive is a game that will provide players with a unique experience and leave them with sigils to remember their emotions while playing.