Individual Work
Gabriella Infinita

"Gabriella Infinita," a metamorphical work, is a lesson in the evolution of the internet. Three versions of the text are available: Novel, Hypertext and Hypermedia. In the tale, Gabriella arrives at the apartment of her lover, Frederico, the author, only to find he has disappeared. In his stead, she has only his things, his writings, his clippings, and his recordings. At the same time, in a parallel narrative, a group of people try to escape a building. They are trapped, moreso than they think, for they are characters in one of his stories. Since Jaime Alejandro Rodriguez Ruiz made all of these versions available on the web (with commentaries), they serve as an excellent study in the forms themselves. In no way a lesson in progress, the adaptations and translations of his own tale reveal the strengths and limitations of these forms.