Individual Work
Icarus Needs

Icarus Needs is a hypercomic published on July 10th, 2013 by Daniel Merlin Goodbrey. It was created in Flash in the English language. It was initially released as a game on his own website As it gained popularity, it became available on other online gaming sites as well as transitioned into an app. The narrative follows the character Icarus Creeps as he travels through a dream world that he has become trapped in as a result of falling asleep while playing video games. His main task is being able to locate his girlfriend so they can escape the dream world together. On this adventure, he comes across intense obstacles and a large amount of dead ends while attempting to escape.

Goodbrey artfully combined video game features with comic book techniques and procedures to create Icarus Needs. The lack of excess text enables the player to rely on the comic book structure and aesthetic aspects in order to play the game and hopefully reach the end. The game is centered on interactivity as it depends on a player in order to convey the message of the piece. Goodbrey only uses the colors blue, orange, and red in the scenes while all the characters are solid black rectangles only slightly resembling real human beings. The background features simple items such as stairs, holes, trees, and hanging picture frames. The art work and setting are very minimalistic in order to keep the player focused on the task at hand and on Icarus.