Individual Work
Voyeur With Dog

"Voyeur with Dog" was the first of many slideshow fiction works created by Richard Holeton. The text tells the story of a lonely middle-aged man, coming to terms with the potential loss of his aging, canine companion. The slides describe the behavior of the main character (simply called "The Man") after his divorce, his relationship with his dog and his struggle to connect with others. He has few relationships and spends his time dwelling on memories of his ex-wife and musing about the lives of his (female) neighbors, like the "Girl Next Door" and "Woman at the Sink." Though the Man describes his own appearance and demenour as off-putting, he notices that people, especially women, are drawn to his "beautiful" dog. In contrast to the Man, "the Dog" attracts and delights everyone without effort. Walking the Dog becomes a reprieve from solitude and a source of comfort. However, as the Dog ages and acquires health problems, the Man realizes that he will not always be able to rely on his pet for support.

Holeton continued to experiment with the slideshow format in the works: "Custom Orthotics Changed My Life" (2010), "Do You Have Balls?" (2011) and "Postmodern: An Anagrammatic Slideshow Fiction" (2017). As with his other slideshow fiction creations, "Voyeur with Dog" incorporate elements like: bullet points, large, easy-to-read text, still images, graphs and tables, a summary of key points, and even a closing Thank You slide.



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