Individual Work
La série des U

"La série des U" is a poem with pictures and audio components whose words, composed and presented by Phillipe Bootz, are reworked by the computer freshly each time the piece is launched. The textual elements appear as animated letters on the surface of a shockwave-based picture, whose surface (like the superimposed letters) is also changing. This textual and visual flow is accompanied by sound that seems to go in synch with the entire composition but which is, in fact, also part of the programming. Bootz addresses the work both to a reader via the multimedia components and to a "meta-reader," whose reading accomplishments can be widened by exploring the code. Bootz holds that "reading is a limited activity that is unable to give a complete knowing of the work." A translation from the French is given on a separate page. Its content responds to what is seen and experienced by the reader.