Individual Work
We Drank

"We Drank" by Christine Wilks is a three-and-a-half minute visual poem produced in Flash. It is about two inebriated lovers and their relationship with alcohol. A serene, electronic composition plays in the background as readers follow the text on top of a rotating picture of liquor bottles. The words are scrolled in from the top, repeating the same phrase, "we drank," five times. 'We drank' turns to 'you drank' and than to 'I drank' as this story of sadness, drunkenness, love, and lust is told. Each phrase, starting with "We drank," is completed using flashing text: "We drank to feel giggly," "We drank too much together," "You drank to take the mantle," and "I drank to take the mantle." These phrases give the reader a peek into a couple who have many excuses about why they drink and why they should not.