Individual Work
Deviant: The Possession of Christian Shaw

"Deviant: The Possession of Christian Shaw" is a feminist re-imagining of a 1696 account of alleged demonic possession in Balgarran. There are some modern elements added to the story, including the buildings and digital clocks.

The story is showcased through a multimedia presentation which includes pictures, text, sound, and animation. The user is presented with a static view of the world, which they interact with by moving the cursor over certain objects to produce sound or animation. The story pops in with smaller windows which show a close up of Christian Shaw and include 'x' markers that can be clicked to change the view. In each view there are potential objects or creatures to observe or interact with. The user clicks outside of the window to close it. Occasionally, the world changes as events unfold, with most of the world changes occurring at the end of the story.

Each window gives a glimpse into some of the reported details of Christian Shaw's possession. These events are detailed and listed in a document at the end of the story.

Although some of the animations can be threateningly bizarre, the story has no failure state like a video game would. Therefore the user can treat it as a relaxing experience and enjoy at their own pace and not worry about being forced to start over.