Individual Work
Social Dis-Ease

Christine Wilks' "Social Dis-Ease" is a Flash poem about anxiety. It begins with the words "Social Dis-Ease" scrolling across the middle of the page from right to left. Then the poem begins to reveal itself line by line. Each line appears on screen in a different manner. One line fades in, one scrolls up, and some blink on and off. Also, each line is animated differently to parallel the meaning of the text. For example, the line "uncomfortable in my company" shakes with nervous agitation. Another line of the poem states, "I have parked my butt in a place where I don't belong, and now I am gob clamped," explaining the awkward situation the writer is in, and how she feels stuck there, even though she wishes to "flee." The writer, then, goes on to describe the thoughts that she believes are going through other's minds when they see her, "Has she got a screw loose?" The last line states, "Does she have a permit?" The word "permit" blinks five times before it fades out and ends the poem.