Individual Work
Stained Word Window

“Stained Word Window” by Deena Larsen consists of 13 nodes, arranged in the form of a stained glass window with purples, blues, reds and greens. In each section a word appears, such as “staring,” “wholly,” and “understanding,” and the image is filled with vivid colors.

On the right side of the screen, the piece begins with a description of its details along with the credits. Created in JavaScript, the right side of the screen switches to the beginning of the poem once the reader slides the pointer over one of the bright sections of the window. Each verse is just a few lines and contains hypertext that directs readers to the next verse in the poem. Clicking the hypertext or scrolling over the “Stained Word Window” offers two methods of navigation. As readers click the hypertext, additional verses appear.

Larsen’s “Stained Word Window” is a poem consisting of several questions about life and exploring the unknowns. The verses ask questions of life and promote exploration into the meaning of certain aspects of life, such as “The complete mystery of what is not there” or “There are things in this world that are best left unanswered.” Often times the answers aren’t always as clear as they may seem, similar to looking at life through a stained glass window.