Individual Work

"The Clown" by Shaolian Su, who is a modern poet from Taiwan, is a Flash poem about clowns. Su is the author and designer of this Flash poem. He wrote this poem for clowns in order to illustrates their true value to the audience and society in general. The true value of clowns is that they try to give the audience pleasure but always hide their sadness. A white clown is also a highlight of a drama. The design of it is very simple. There are four rows of clowns’ profiles show on the blue background which looks like a theater. Only one clown’s face can be seen clearly among them. The reader can click the image to start the poem. The content of this poem describes how clowns give the audience pleasure and never show their sorrow. The poem begins, “The clown never died, he left his smile on our faces.” The poem continues, and each line begins with the following sentence: “The clown never died.” Through this poem, Su tries to tell people by this poem that even though the clown will die physically, his soul will exist in audience’s heart forever.