Individual Work

"Timetrain" by Dorthee Lang is an ethereal experience created in Flash that uses the visuals of a train station in combination with audio and carefully crafted text to take the reader along for a ride. As images and phrases move across the screen and new juxtapositions are created, the reader is presented with opportunities for self-reflection. As the bottom of the picture moves to the right, forward, while the top of the picture moves to the left, backward suggesting spatial as well as temporal movements as trains "arrive" and "depart." The text floats in the middle as the pictures show a 360 degree view of the station. The use of the text moves in different directions to create multiple interpretations but ultimately the text, "Moments void of voice / they form a line / towards the place you can't reach / too early and too late / all that remains" takes the dual aspects of the piece to provide a unified representation of the metaphor "time train."