Individual Work
When I Was President...

"When I was President" by Alan Bigelow is a Flash-based piece that explores the first 100 days of a person who became the President of the United States. However, as the opening screen explains, "There was no campaign, no nomination, no election…" The next screen allows the reader to click on any letter of the word "president" to continue reading.

As users navigate the text, they learn what the President has done with his new power. Specifically, his decisions appear as animated text juxtaposed with a relevant background image from a variety of Washington, D.C. landmarks. For example, over the image of the Treasury Department with an accompanying laugh track, readers see an animated president juggling in the background of bold words stating that he put his "naked rear end on the dollar bill," which resulted in the dollar trading higher than ever before on international markets. The work is a satirical and thought-provoking commentary on the political and social climate of the time.