Individual Work
Reagen Library - Response

While taking a first quick look at the material on this page I notice a few things. first the overall old graphic panorama view of a desert, Second- you are able to able to navigate through this panorama picture. Just from looking at the first page you are able to draw that panoramas will be placed all through this e lit page.

The first story brings up a panorama picture of what looks like you are stuck on an islands, the piece brings up how "standing in fire is good for you, folks need to purge" As I kept reading this piece I found that just casual reading it with no real thought into it that it wouldn't seem to make sense. But after a couple more times of reading it became clear there is an alternative meaning hidden amongst he words. The way I interpreted it, was the hidden meaning has something to do with politics, and how many people that go into politics become numb to many things around them, another quote to describe that "There is no pain, for I have nobody to suffer over, but in the mind likewise nothing stirs.""The unimplemented trap is full. You can't take this to bed with you." The way how I took this is as a politician you have to be numb due to the harsh decisions you have to make on a daily or weekly bases, you can't let work effect your home life therefore you can't take it to bed with otherwise you would suffer. I came to this conclusion b taking the fact that the main piece is called Reagens Library, Reagen had many hard decisions to make as a politician and The President.

The Second Panorama piece I read was was Titled Emily, the picture within the piece showed a couple islands with random objects layer out between them. The story goes on to talk about the litter that pelages a once beautiful Garden, how mistakes were made to lead towards this ending result. The quote that directed me to the conclusion that this was one person admitting the the mistakes he made was

"You won't get it. Cheap tricks... They fell into the clutches of a Clutch Cargo cult... 404 errors and counting...

This is the world I made, a garden of remembering."

To follow my previous conclusion on how there might be a political based theme here due to the overall title. One could say that politician have made grave mistakes involving our planet and now the once beautiful garden (our Earth) is now tainted and littered and that is what will be remembered.

To add on to this piece I found that another explanation for these pieces derive from Reagens post presidential life, how he created this major library but yet over time his mind was taken by Alzheimer's disease. Therefore when I read many of these pieces, I noticed the more you read the less sense some of the pieces make. They start to become more confusing more and more down the line. Eventually leading to the comparison of how Alzheimer disease works. It strips the memory and cognitive abilities from the victim, then slowly takes away their physical abilities as well. This is truly a horrid disease. I find it very interesting how Stuart Moulthrop was able to Alzheimer's into his pieces, thus bringing more atttention to this disease therefore helping the cause to eventually finding a cure.