Individual Work
The Wind

The wind descends

The wind,
who descends of the mountain
arousing trees,
arousing flowers,
with a strange force
that unveils is colours.

The wind and the birds

The wind,
Who pierces the trees,
For a brief moment,
Awakened the birds.

The wind abated

The wind abated
and the tree has awakened
slowly, slowly.

Branches to swaying,
lead a leaf,
a ramble.

I walk across the sands

I walk across the sands,
the waves are riots.

A rock emerges
is a cliff with veins.

The waves in foam wrapped
and reveal a whirlwind that sinks,
like tide chains.

A vague chill of winter

A vague chill of winter
haste me to step.

Way down the road
surrounded by trees
I see people in the coffees
they talk very quiet
and every day I review
if they return.

They are there talking
about their life.

I’ m reading a book

I’ m reading a book
I’m in the coffee
and the author digresses
about a view of the universe.

The window

The window is clouded
by the cold of winter
and the orange tree is loaded
with fruit.

I bypass the curtains
which are made of white lace.

So I see more clearly,
the branches to creak
with the movements of the wind,
and the leaves are moving
for a brief moment.

I hear voices in the street

I hear voices in the street
someone comes now.

A slight murmur
at night under the moon.

A car passes in the distance
in the silent night,
someone comes now,
because I heard the door knocking
and their footsteps to disappear.

An abstract silence

An abstract silence
invaded the night.

Suddenly I hear a slight noise
and I try to decipher it.

Where came from this breath?
waking me from the book that I read,
that made me look up
of the words that I discourse.

And I hope carefully decipher it,
in an abstract silence.

I'm near the sea

I close my eyes
and images come to my mind.

The noise in the street disappears
and I see myself.

I'm near the sea
I run into the waves
that break into foam
and unbearable lightness
holds my gaze.


The words that I discourse
in a lined notebook
are signs intertwined,
with the ideas which I enclose
in this paper,
as if they were drawings
lightly strokes.

A tin of tea

I have a tin of tea
with a yellow cap
which has a drawing
and I open it every morning.

I take a spoon
and approach myself of the window.

It is still night time
and I wait the dawn
while the water is boiling.

I look through the window

I look through the window
and I see people passing on the street.

At the counter of the coffee
are the cups from the persons
who were talking about their lives,
and the day begins.

A woman makes lace

A woman makes lace
on the doorstep
she weaves with needles
a web of white line.

She is on a stone slate
with dark gray color
near the wall of white lime,
with pure red tiles
and interweaves the wire
by movements of the hand
creating a simple drawing.

The fruit-basket

In the center of the table
is a fruit-basket,
an image.

The fruits are full of colors
gracing the space
and a bright light and dark,
from a window,
illuminates the forms
of the painting.

The Coffee Shop

I see in the shop windows
small mounds of ground coffee.

The Coffee Shop
in his storefront decked
it has candied fruit.

And people line up
bringing in paper bags
coffee and fruit nuanced.

The rain

The Rain
is falling oblique
and I watched
on a night light.

The fog

There was a thick fog in the air,
that arrived with the nightfall
and the sky became dark blue.

The lights of the lamps glittered,
the car's headlights sparkle
and people walked.

The grocery store

The grocery store
had fruit in baskets of wood.

They were organized by color,
like small squares,
that seen in the distance look
embedded objects,
worked abstractly.

The vases of tulips

There are red pots
that have tulips in all colors,
decorating the street
where do I go daily,
in order to record
their forms in my mind.

The dark blue sky

It was dusk and the sky color
became dark blue,
it contrasted
with the rose-colored
Of the buildings.

I recorded that color of blue
in my mind
and the cold winter
cleared at that moment.

People passed hastily

People passed hastily
I'll get something I need that day,
I see children full of joy
talking about something
and they're laughing very loud.

From its mysterious conversation
I wonder what was about,
such turmoil.

Trees without leaves

The trees are defoliated
I watched them when I walking,
today the in the road,
the trunks and branches
are drawn in the air
and multiply as if they were wires,
like a sculpture carved in stone.

The lamp

The lamp
that lights the tree at night
that shines in the fog
that glows
is static in the street.

The wicket door

I opened the hatch door
and I saw passing in the street
women who went to the square,
children on the sly.

I go out and saw
the extending plain
and on the horizon,
flowers under the calm.

The rosebush

The rosebush
is ensnared in an iron.

It has red roses
with the green
of their leaves,
from the bottom of a garden.

The garden

There is a garden
painted of dark green
where I walk
and where I read books.

It has trees
it has sculptures.

I can see the chimney
I can see the sea
and I drink my tea.

I hear the rain

I hear the rain outside
and the gusts of wind
it's the winter,
that passes without delay.

I hear a silence spectral
when the rain diminishes
a simple noise, minimal.

The sun shines intense

The sun shines intense
I saw a long stretch
stretching to the sea.

I ran to greet him
and the water came up to me
and the waves crumbled into foam,
like a light splash.

The book

I flip through a book
and I open the white pages
letters are drawn,
they are painted
they describe the world
of the narrator.

The universe

I extend my eyes
across the universe
and watch the stars
his image would make a verse.

I digress by its immensity
and the stars shine
they are lights in darkness.

The hyacinth

Grew slowly
a hyacinth,
with thin green stems
brightly colored
and he followed the graceful movements.
Of the wind, when it passed.

The painting

It was a painting
full of colors,
loaded in different ways
it was an abstract painting.

I thought of the idea that portrays
and the meaning,
which was painted.

The rock

There is a huge rock
near a beach
is at the foot of a cliff
and throughout the day,
observes the sea.

The seawater

The water was clear like crystal
and my feet,
were in the fine sand.

The waves came
turned into the tides
and the white shells and roses
decorated with the rocks
the deep of the sea.

The wooden table

A wooden table
is stacked with books
near a window,
that illuminates the objects
arranged and bound.

The sculpture

The sculpture
crafted in form
white and static
is shaped
by the hands of the artist,
with the idea materialized.


There are images that come to my mind
and they are etched
they are imaginary pictures
eloquently described,
things glimpsed
and objects that I observed.

The green Iron Gate

The green Iron Gate
that leads to an enchanted garden
it's huge and imposing
and it is made of wrought iron.

Opens up a world
full of trees,
sustained by imagination
that seems to murmur when I walk.

The road made of schist

There was a road
it was made of schist
was flanked by fields
and had orchards.
In the winter was white
with the frost
that crystallized the green
at the daylight.

The trees are defoliated

The trees are defoliated
and its branches grow to Heaven.

Were sculpted by the wind
and looks like they lost their breath,
trying to grasp his last leaves
flying in the air,
after falling on the cement floor.

A ray of light

A ray of light
it focuses on the treetops
clearing the space,
illuminating the landscape
and awakes the flowers
with a little breeze.

The child and the swaying

Swaying in the air
with a huge speed
a child,
has her hair in the wind
and with a simple movement,
that is projecting her,
rises with the hope
to achieve,
something transcendent
apart from this world.

The clouds

The clouds
are drawn in the sky
and they seem swabs
floating in the air.

Are rags crumble
as a fragile as veils.

The stem

The small stem
is born
and listen to
the sound of leaves.
That murmur softly.

The rose roses

There is a field
with rose roses
and their leaves
are almost transparent.

They are flying
when the wind
is more strongly.

The night

The night
is sprinkled with stars.

The night
is silent
because the sounds fade away
with the moonlight,
that it has blue tones that darken.

The moon

The moon
it is a round shape
in the space.

It is a satellite blue, white and gray
that circulates around the earth
and influences the tides
with his movement.

The star

The star,
which glows
it's a planet.

Is in the orbit of the earth
and floating in the universe,
with a great lightness.
I watch it
in their slow ramble
for the stellar sphere.

The Ivy

The Ivy
white and green
go slowly rising
spreading its raw
filling the space
and climbing slowly.

The starfish

The starfish
planted in the sand
is it near the rocks
and I see it through
the transparency of the tides.

The colors of plain

They were splendid colors
that arose over there.

A plain yellow
drawn by a blue
on the horizon
and the small green forms
of the trees contrasted
in an abstract image
through my mind.

The World

The World
which revolves around an idea
that is being built up
to be materialized.

Daily advanced
with the human action
and with what that action creates.

The light

Between walls
there was an oil lamp
that had a light
with a rounded shape,
born of a bluish liquid
that was consumed by a blaze
with a yellowish tone.

The sea

The sea
involves the sand
when the waves
dash in foam
and sculpts the cliffs
when the waves
hit the rocks
transforming them into mist.

The murmur

The murmur
it is cut by the wind
and wakes me for a moment,
but I hear it again
as a spectral voice.
It’s a blast.

The winter

The winter
which defoliates the trees
and painted in the sky
gray and blue clouds,
crystallize the water
creates the frost,
and glazes the day-spring.

The embroidery

The embroidery
that it is woven
in a white screen,
under a coal drawing
is laced by the hand
of the embroiderer,
which slowly fills
an entire piece.

The road

The road
that I walk daily
it is lined with trees.

It has shops and cafes
and there are people,
which like me scurry along.

The sun

The sun that glows
it is a star surrounded
for planets turning around him,
suspended in the vastness
and illuminated in the darkness.

The sky

The sky,
blue and immense
with the sun in suspense
in the absolute vastness
and where the colors
transform their tonalities.

The dark blue morning

It was a dark blue morning
and I walked down the road
it had started raining
and a lightning tore the sky
a ray, a trace of yellow
created by the absolute.

And I watched the rain,
which falling like a transparent veil.

The waves

The waves were running
in the sea that I had
in front of me
the waves curled
the sand
and the rock
was impressive.

The night

The silent night
goes down slightly.

The stars twinkle
high in the sky
they are a shimmering light
that comes with the immensity
smooth of the night.

A sunny day

It was a sunny day
and the sun raised the plain.
A woman painting
a white wall with chalk
which was illuminated
with a blue stripe
while the heat dawned.

The schist stone

A schist stone
light gray
with a different leaf
was read by my hands.

The lights

The lights
appeared in the sky
Gray and blues
between the pink and white
of the buildings
and sparkled suspended
in their frontispieces.

The porcelain doll

The porcelain doll
is inside a cabinet
and watch what happens
see people who walk
watch the world go by
through the window glass
and see the moon at night.

The Street

I see the street
lined with trees
the road is made of schist
at night it is lit by the moon
in the day is enlightened by calm.

The walls are made of lime
in the absolute silence
I see the red brick roofs
in the immensity of the plain, spectral.

The tree

A tree appears
on the surface of the flat land
that stretches to the horizon
the roots hold its trunk
that raises in the blue space
in a deep sky a breeze blows
on the afternoon of a summer day
and in the absolute silence
the tree emerges eloquently

The images

I have them stored in my thought
the images that I describe
they appearing slowly
when I close my eyes
and I carry myself there
and they are living pictures
that I paint in my dreams.

The child

The child walked
with his backpack
under the morning sun
he took the pen case
his pencils, notebooks and books
he could see the huge building
and bridged the gate.

The birds

I ran over there
for this immense garden
flying with my dreams
among the treetops
and when the birds passed
my soul transposed my body
and rose up with the birds
to heaven.

The children

The children
ran down the road
and lifted into the air
as if they were rays
of intense sunlight.

The Birds

The birds in the sky
flying over the garden
and a child read
while the sun illuminates
and she smiled.