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Hypnagogia: Notes from Dreaming Methods - a fusion of writing and new media

Hypnagogia is the blog of Dreaming Methods, a non-profit website established in 2000 that combines narrative fiction with atmospheric multimedia designed to be read and experienced on-screen. (Literally the term "hypnagogia" describes the transitional state immediately before sleep.)

The blog provides insight into the goings on of Dreaming Methods and occasional commentary, as in the post of March 24, 2010, "Digital Publications", when Andy Campbell responds to the Apple iPad launch event. (The event makes it seem as if Apple is making possible an entirely new type of literature, when Dreaming Methods have been working in this direction for more than a decade.)

The blog also gives insight into process and expectations for reader reception, as in the post, "Digital fiction is a different type of reading experience altogether", which concludes:

    Reading from the screen is not the same as reading from the page, and being able to fully read-to-the-end and/or completely understand (or even properly see in some cases) the streams of text within Dreaming Methods projects is not considered a requirement for a piece to "work".

Mostly, the blog serves an important site of information and news about Dreaming Methods.