e-Lit Resource
HyperRhiz: New Media Cultures

In close affiliation with Rhizomes, a parent journal of HyperRhiz, this Site hosts experimental web-based projects. HyperRhiz also provides a forum for the presentation of electronic installations, games, and performances through the use of archival video, photo, and text documentation. It is a peer-reviewed online journal of net art and electronic literature that is published twice-yearly. The journal features an integrated weblog for ongoing news of interest, an online forum for teachers of electronic literature, and a wiki for experimental writing. These features provide a forum for scholars and practitioners of new media culture. The editor's interest lies "in the genres of electronic discourse, and how these formats might affect the expression of complex discourses within new media." HyperRhiz welcomes submissions of net-ready art projects, electronic literature works, and review essays. As the journal's name suggests, works written in the spirit of Deleuzian approaches are welcomed but not required. ISSN: 1555-9351.