e-Lit Resource
Electronic Literature Collection Volume 2

Published in February of 2011, the secondvolume of the ELO’s Electronic Literature Collection anthologizes just over sixty representative and various works of electronic literature and digital poetry. The collection was selected and edited by four editors: Laura Borràs, Talan Memmott, Rita Raley, and Brian Kim Stefans. The collection is quite similar to the first volume in organization (both offer keyword and title/author indexing) and includes some of the same authors as the first volume, such as J. R. Carpenter, Jason Nelson, William Poundstone, Kate Pullinger, and Noah Wardrip-Fruin. But, it also adds some addition major figures of electronic literary production, including Christine Wilks, Stuart Moulthrop, Nick Montfort, Mez Breeze, and many more.

A USB Flash Drive with identical contents was published along with the online collection in order to, in a similar fashion as the editors of the first volume argued, “allow the volumes to reach the broadest audience possible for reading, classroom use, and sharing on and off the network” (ELC Vol. 2 About page). Many of the works collected in this second volume are also considered to be foundational works in their genre, and the second volume does indeed expand the genres and subsections of e-literature included in the first volume.

The collection is available to view and navigate in four different formats. First, the main index presents the texts by way of hyperlinked thumbnail graphics. The works are also sorted variously by author and title alphabetically, and then categorized by keywords which are also defined on the keyword index page. This keyword index page, while not exhaustive, is one of the first glossary-style pages looking to define the major terms of e-literary study—for example: augmented reality, collaboration, games, generative, Shockwave—for ease of scholarship.

ELMCIP details the official launch for the second volume of the ELC which took place on 2 May 2011 in Bergen, Norway hosted by the Electronic Literature Research Group at the Department of Linguistic, Literary, and Aesthetic Studies at the University of Bergen at the Bergen Public Library. The event included performances from Memmott and several others, as well as Stephanie Strickland, Cynthia Lawson and Paul Ryan, William Gillespie, and several others.