e-Lit Resource
The Learning Project

This text on the meaning of learning is written for teenagers interested in taking control of their lives. It consists of 35 interviews with young people, people of middle age, and elders. Each person is asked to describe their learning process, why it's important, how they do it, and what it's done for them. The interviewees include doctors, adventurers, recovering addicts, people with disabilities, and exceptionally accomplished people in fields ranging from wrestling to writing, and from physics to politics.

The text spans 90 html pages not including biographical and historical links to web pages outside the text itself. The interviews are collated and the reader can choose to view them by field of interest, by age, or by name. Each interview has two levels of summary that precede the actual dialog. Interviews can be read online, or downloaded as a PDF document.

For some people school is important, for others it isn't. Curiosity, determination and self-confidence keep coming up in these stories, as do the teachers people have had and the discoveries they have made. Judgment is critical. Learn to trust your judgment, your own judgment.