About the Directory

The Electronic Literature Directory (ELD 2.0) is a collection of literary works, descriptions, and keywords. As the Web evolves, the work of literature co-evolves in ways that need to be named, tagged, and recognized in a Web 2.0 environment. For this purpose, the ELD is designed to bring authors and readers together from a wide a range of imaginative, critical, technological, and linguistic practices.
Both a repository of works and a critical companion to e-literature, the ELD hosts discussions that are capable of being referenced and revised over years of use. In this respect, Directory content differs from blogs and wikis in that each entry, once it is approved by a board of editors, is unchanging. The submission of entries and their evaluation is open to anyone, and any entry can be supplemented if a later reader can successfully advance an alternative vision of the work and its context.

From 2009-11, work on the Directory was supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this website do not necessarily reflect those of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Project Director
Joseph Tabbi

Design and Implementation
Ewan Branda
Juliette Bellocq
Charles Baldwin

Supervising Editor
Davin Heckman

Managing Editor
Dani Spinosa (2017-)

Associate Editors
Daniela Cortes Maduro (2016-2019)
Theadora Walsh (2017-2019)
Reed Gaines (2017-2019)
Laura Sanchez Gomez (2017-)

Editorial Assistant
April Salchert (2017-)

Editorial Working Group
Davin Heckman (Group leader, 2009-11)
Lori Emerson (Group leader, 2008-09)
Kent Aardse (2012-16
Crystal K. Alberts (2009-11)
Maria Angel (2009-11)
James Ascher (2010-12)
Tia Azulay (2010-12)
Alice Bell (2010-12)
Kiki Benzon (2010-12)
William Benzon (2010-12)
Friedrich W. Block (2009-11)
Stefanie Boese (2009-11)
Stephen Burn (2009-11)
Dave Ciccoricco (2009-11)
Tanya Clement (2010-12)
Brian L. Croxall (2009-11)
helen DeVinney (2009-11)
Jeremy Douglass (2009-11)
Maria Engberg (2009-12)
Astrid Ensslin (2009-11)
Ed Finn (2010-12)
Tiffany Fitzgerald (2009-11)
Luciana Gattass (2009-11)
Anna Gibbs (2009-11)
Dene Grigar (2009-11)
Juan B. Gutierrez (2009-11)
Jaka ┼Żeleznikar (2010-12)
Mark Marino (2009-11)
Talan Memmot (2009-11)
Rachel Morley (2009-11)
Jason Nelson (2010-12)
David Parry (2009-11)
Martina Pfeiler (2009-11)
Eric Dean Rasmussen (2009-12)
Rob Schoenbeck (2010-12)
Lyle Skains (2010-12)
Lisa Swanstrom (2010-12)
Patricia Tomaszek (2009-12)
Kirstin Veel (2009-11)
John Vincler (2010-12)