A photo-novel is published as a sequential story made of photographs or film stills, with bubbles of text for dialogue and narration. The earliest form of the photo-novel, the cine-roman or film-novel, appeared in post-war Italy as serialized film adaptations in women’s magazines centered around celebrity culture and melodrama. In the few years before the television era, the photo-novel brought cinema language to print as original photo-comic strips, drawn novelizations of movies, photo-comic instructional manuals or advertisements and long-form photo-journalism.

António Aragão

António Aragão (b. 1921-2008, Portugal) was a Portuguese pioneer in the fields of experimental and visual poetry, practice that he also expanded to experimental fiction and artists’ books. Aragão was the co-editor of Poesia Experimental [Experimental Poetry], the magazine responsible for the introduction of experimental poetics in Portugal in the 1960s.

Américo Rodrigues

Américo Rodrigues (b. 1961, Portugal) has worked as a cultural programmer, actor, stage director, poet and dramatist. He was the artistic director of the Municipal Theatre of Guarda, founder of Luzlinar, the Aquilo Teatro collective, and coordinator of the magazines Aquilo and Boca de Incêndio. He is currently the director of the Teatro do Calafrio and the Eduardo Lourenço Library, in Guarda (Portugal).


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