Individual Work
Carrizo Parkfield Diaries

Work ran live first in a gallery then in the Whitney Museum artport. Now in the permanent digital collection of the museum.

Prose poems, image animations and music were live edited by scans of hacked quake sensor data from the San Andreas fault in California.

The effect was a work about seismology, psychology and memory was to collaborate live with the earth itself.

A quake where the lights go out will seem psychologically more intense to a person afraid of the dark even as the energy is lesser in the ground. Memory and trauma exist in the mind much as the softer soils and soils near hills work to magnify the quake energy (liquefaction)

Author statement: 
I wrote prose poems from memories from survivors of the Northridge earthquake and the coder Sindee Nakatani hacked raw code to engage the dynamics of live quake data synced to the texts along with images and music by artist Christina Mcphee.