Individual Work

Anipoems is a whimsical set of animated gif "poems" by Ana Maria Uribe. The majority of these poems consist simply of a black or white background with contrasting black and white letters in Arial font, arranged to create simple animations. The exceptions are two poems with colored letters and one without animation. The letters in each poem are usually repeated and are animated to depict an object or are animated to change into other letters to create a moving picture (suggestive of concrete poems). For example, Uribe represents the shape of a centaur with the letter "h." (In her poem, "More Centaurs," groupings of the letter "h" gallop across the screen.) Also, in "Zipper," the moving image of a zipper zipping is created with two columns of the letter "v" animated to merge together into a single column mad up of the letter "w." The simple whimsy of her poetry makes Uribe's Anipoemsa witty play on common forms.