Individual Work

“Lust” is a short hypertext fiction written in Storyspace that experiments with the possibilities of hypertextual combinations of a small number of nodes. (In total it has 38 nodes and 141 links.) “Lust” first appeared in The Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext (Winter 1994, volume 1 number 2), along with “I Have Said Nothing” by J. Yellowlees Douglas. The "minature gem" pull-quote shown on the cover was derived from a brief mention of the work in Robert Coover's New York Times essay, "Hyperfiction: Novels for the Computer" (August 29, 1993).

From the publisher’s description:

    Poised between prose and poetry, this acclaimed hypertext draws the reader into artfully recombined scenes of terror and seduction. … The reader encounters violent scenes, a sequence of lovers, the creation and loss of family, blood, and screaming. These sequences -- and their meanings -- differ with the reader's initial choices.

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