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“Intergrams” is a book-length hypertext poem by Jim Rosenberg published in the first issue of The Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext (1994, volume 1, number 1). The poet John Cayley suggests that “Intergrams” is a representative work in the development of a digital poetics that differs from a poetics of the printed book. In his essay “Hypertext/Cybertext/Poetext,” Cayley writes, “While strategies for representing nonlinear forms in codexspace can and have been devised, cyberspace provides an environment in which a non-linear poetics … should find room to grow and thrive.” “Intergrams” is an influential early work of digital poetry that gestures toward a way forward for poetry in digital space. Published on floppy disk; for Windows and Macintosh; written in HyperCard.

From the publisher’s description:

    Intergrams introduces us to a new species in the word forest, an infinity of possibilities, an arena with structure that is still open, that behaves, that invites. Intergrams is the exact analog of the idea that the domain of music is anything which may be heard, or that the domain of the visual arts is anything which may be seen. Intergrams is not an injection or gift of someone else's wisdom, but connections that were there for you to make all along, entirely yours, connections that spring forward with the impetus of the energy of the work. In Intergrams, space replaces time as the fundamental dimension-set for text as opposed to speech. Complex links between parts of the written text separated widely in space are simply drawn directly. The method of directly, graphically linking the pieces of text by a relationship is used for the syntax itself.

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