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In Small & Large Pieces

“In Small & Large Pieces” is a darkly surreal hypertext fiction written in Storyspace. It first appeared in The Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext (Summer 1994, volume 1, number 3), along with “Unnatural Habitats” by Kathy Mac.

Harry Goldstein in his review of the work for The UTNE Reader writes, “Growing up isn't for the faint of heart. . . . ‘In Small & Large Pieces’ is a psychic journey into the backwaters of adolescence, where Anna takes us through the looking glass (in, of course, more ways than one) and shows us a reflection of ourselves."

Read more about the work in “Those Kids” from HypertextNOW (from which the screenshots below were taken), in the “Mirror World” section of Mark Bernstein’s essay “Patterns of Hypertext,” and in the “Female Writing” section of Diane Greco’s “Hypertext with Consequences: Recovering a Politics of Hypertext” essay (which appeared originally in Hypertext '96: The Seventh ACM Conference on Hypertext, N.Y.: ACM, 1996, 88-89.).

From the publisher’s description: “‘In Small and Large Pieces’ is a postmodern Through the Looking Glass. Anna's parents have the bad habit of falling to pieces in any crisis. Anna thinks that's nothing she can't fix, but then the Grand Unified Parent is a little much to deal with.”

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