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I Have Said Nothing

"I Have Said Nothing" is an influential work of short hypertext fiction written in Storyspace. It first appeared in The Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext (Winter 1994, volume 1 number 2), along with “Lust” by Mary-Kim Arnold.

An excerpt is available online via W.W. Norton, as part of its Postmodern American Fiction anthology (along with an excerpt of Michael Joyce’s afternoon). Note that this excerpt takes the work out of the Storyspace environment and ports it into html, presenting a very different reading experience. A New York Times article, “A Vote of Confidence for Hypertext,” from September 11, 1997 by Matthew Mirapaul addresses the inclusion of these two works in the anthology. The problem of (re)representing the work in html is addressed in an The Atlantic Online article by Wen Stephenson, “Over the Edge: A Postmodern Freefall into Cyberspace.”

From the publisher’s description:

    Bracketed by two fatal car accidents, "I Have Said Nothing" is a meditation on the enormity that divides us from others. Douglas explores the interaction between the fragmentation inevitable in hypertext and the causality necessary for the creation of story; she says, "I had a vague ... conviction that causality is the root of all narratives: like E. M. Forster in Aspects of the Novel, I believed that you could rip everything else to shreds as long as you kept something that resembled cause and effect pumping away beneath the surface, you could keep just about any amorphous blob going." The result is a tough, hard-edged, look at how we fragment ourselves to avoid pain, to avoid the inevitable -- death.

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