Individual Work
Little Book of Prompts

Little Book of Prompts is one of a pair of Flash artworks presented as "psychometric" tests, along with "Nomen Sacrum Trial," by Sylvanus Shaw's satirical "corporate homunculus," Sylvanusylvania. It includes a rigorous set of usage guidelines that, like Sylvanusylvania's other endeavors, marries art to enterprise while blurring the line between real and fake.

From the introduction: "THE LITTLE BOOK OF PROMPTS is a test in the guise of a formal poem, formulated to measure linguistic acumen between two and five standard deviations above average.

The test presently consists of twelve sub-prompts, each of which contains its own instructions and constraints. Please follow the instructions carefully, for while virtuosic deviance is permitted, clumsy perversions are harshly judged.

There is no time limit; however, please keep in mind your current age, health, extra-poetic commitments, and mortality statistics before committing yourself to a test of this magnitude. You may esteem THE LITTLE BOOK OF PROMPTS as a worthy endeavor or consider it a waste of time (or worse); whatever the case, please give some thought to your participation before proceeding."

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