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Review of A Companion to Digital Literary Studies

In this essay from ebr, Scott Hermanson uses his review of A Companion to Digital Literary Studies as a springboard to explore more complex issues dealing with digital literature. Hermanson discusses the “rhetoric of colonization” that plagues digital literature, the differences in reading on a page and on a screen, how the “author as a controlling figure parceling out information will be subsumed by ubiquitous access to vast terabytes of information,” and scholarship in the new media environment. The essay makes use of the networked capacities of the web, including links to “outbound” sources of digital archival projects, such as (http://www.nines.org/), and (http://romandelarose.org/#home).
Hermanson concludes that A Companion to Digital Literary Studies “cannot succeed anymore than this review could succeed in addressing all the issues relevant to digital literary studies.” The field is vast, the topic broad, but just like its source anthology, this essay provides a decent entry point into digital literary studies.

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